Happy Valentines Day!

As overrated as I think this day is..I think this year, instead of my usual "this is just another day invented by masters of marketing and hallmark", I will leave my bitter single ways aside, and recognize the loves of my life---my family and friends.

My family have ,and will of course always remain, major components of my life. I know no matter what I can always count on them! I am grateful for them everyday and I want nothing more than for their health and happiness. I love them all :)

My friends, and they know who they are, are ones that have been with me through alot and I wouldnt trade them for anything in the world! (even if they dont read my blog :P)

My conscience, my moral compass, my happiness, my life, and my valentines, this year, are them--my family and friends!



Extra food? Give it to the poor!

I read this from 4thringroad.com....

This Is a Great idea in Kuwait people tend to overdue it with food when they do small parties and receptions or banquets this is a non profit orgnization called حفظ النعمة which come over to your house, hotel, diwaniya where your banquet is and take the extra food that is left over and distribute it to the poor people in Kuwait please Use them:

99366201 um Bader
99544361 um Mohammed


thanks to ILSul6ana for correcting me it turns out that حفظ النعمة is a Saudi operation and these two ladies are doing the same service. which makes me respect them even more because they take time from their own schedule’s to do this great deed allah ewafighum
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GREAT IDEA!! I dont know how many istaqbaals and weddings I have been to where there was enough food to feed a whole country!! Everyone should save their number now--I know there are people out there that would really be grateful for your help!

"Negative Effect"--Q8i photographer

Wooooooow check out this guys photography skills!

Here is a pic he titled, Scene from a Horror Movie.

It's actually a car garage! isnt that cool?!?!

And here's another one he did---AMAZING!!!!

Wow im soo impressed! I want join a photography group!! :( I want to take pics like this! :(

To view his work, click here!


who do you think put it? Bush or Obama supporters?

To read the article, click here!

oooo dear!

Previously known as "Brand IMC" , this local agency decided to re-brand themselves into a rip-off version of a super robot TV anime created by artist Go Nagai in the 70s! The "Grendizer" was broadcast on Japanese television from October 5, 1975, to February 27, 1977, and lasted 74 episodes---and now appears to have sprung back to life in Kuwait's advertising scene!

who wouldnt want to get their branding or other advertising needs done by an agency that copied another creation, let alone one that uses a robot as their logo? By the way the name of the robot agency is "Brandizer"----hmmm that sounds familiar?



If you havent heard of LoYAC, Lothan Youth Achievement Center, its about time you did! They are a non-profit organization for men and women between the ages of 13-27 years. They have so many programs ranging from: refurbishing homes for the poor families in Kuwait, building hospitals in Africa, book club, soocer club, drama club, to internships with leading companies around the world! Their programs are endless!

Our Goals :
  • Peace is our prime awareness message
  • Professional competence of youth
  • Help youth find their sense of purpose
  • Empowering youth to unleash their creativity
  • Promote drama and performing arts
  • Physical well being fo youth
  • Local and worldwide partnerships
  • Most reputable and recognized youth organizaton worldwide
  • Distinguished research center for youth related issues
  • Fully integrated headquarter

  • I for one am sooo impressed by the work they have done since they're opening in 2002! I think it is sooo great that Kuwait has a place like this! This is the perfect place for students to gain valuable opportunities that I am sure any university or employer would be impressed by!

    Good job LoYAC!! Keep up the good work!

    For their website, click here!

    Gates major donation!

    Bill and Melinda Gates announced plans Friday to invest $10 billion in the fight against a number of illnesses including AIDS and said the record donation could save nearly nine million lives.

    To read the article, click here



    Celebs of hollywood got together a few days ago to put on "Hope for Haiti" where they raised $58 million and counting! I love it when stars get together to make a difference! I swear they move faster than most governments when it comes to aid! And even tho 58 mil sounds like alot they still need more! So just please take a few minutes out of your day to make a quick donation on sites like www.google.com/relief/haitiearthquake/. Google has made it really easy to donate to various organizations that are putting together aid for Haiti...check it out. Any amount helps!
    And if youre in Kuwait and would like to make a donation--KNPC is collecting donations--if you would like to donate just contact me for details.


    By now obviously you all know what has transpired in Haiti. The devastating earthquake has hit this poor country so hard leaving its city and people destroyed. The images and stories of the dead and those that survived are unimaginable. Just last week I was looking at the paper and had to do a double take to the picture on the cover---men throwing dead bodies on to a pile of rotting corpses! I was amazed! After reading the article, I understood that the morgues of hospitals have no way of accommodating more dead, that the government doesnt have enough trucks to transport the dead, and that mass graves of tens of thousands have already been filled! There is literally no where for them to put their dead! Some family members will bury their kin on the side of roads.......The site of dead bodies has become a fast norm to the people of Haiti.....I almost wanted to cry....I cant believe a place so horrible!

    I don't think we would ever grasp what really is going on there or anywhere else facing such tragedy, unless we are there ourselves. My heart and prayers go out to them.

    New years resolutions

    How are they coming folks?? It maybe too soon to evaluate but its always good to keep reminding yourselves of goals you've set for this year! I have a crap load of resolutions, and I cant state all of them, but I'll tell you a few:

    1- Be a stronger person (about what I want in my professional and personal life--and go get it!)
    2- Dont repeat mistakes of 2009

    3- Research + prep + and apply for masters :)

    4- Be more creative (this includes focusing more on blogging, painting, photography, and drawing)

    5- Be healthier (eat better, work out more)

    and soo far sooo good :) What is your top one resolution??